Sunday, 11 December 2011

Winter Update

Zooming around with the wind in her ears (Otter that is)
Winter is arriving slowly, thank goodness and i have only just started feeding the livestock.  We have haylage this year for the first time and it is very sweet smelling and the animals seem happy, but i dont really approve of all the plastic used to wrap it, but we have a rather shady patch of ground in this year's hay meadow and were persuaded to give it a try.  So long as we have a decent bit of warm dry weather next summer (ha!) we should be able to go back to hay as next year's hay meadow is sunnier.  Quad bike coming into its own again - best thing i ever bought - i spent one winter trudging across fields with bales in a wheelbarrow - no wonder my back is shot to bits!! 

Merry Christmas to all - back to blogging in the new year, though i might squeeze one in, so dont go away..........