Monday, 17 October 2011

The Final Straw

This is not a blog about the appalling service (or lack of it) we have had from BT residential broadband this week, though i am fuming.......

The last of the first coat goes on!
This weekend we finally put the last of the base coat on the inside of the strawbale building - thanks go to Gwen, Alice, Pablo, Jonathan, Cat, Julie, Chris, John, Melissa, Simon and Spence (and my Simon).

By the end of Sunday afternoon, we had also finished most of the second coat, which, thank goodness, proved to be ten times faster and easier to apply than the first, with a fabulously smooth finish.  (Those of you who have helped with the first coat in the past, will know how slow it is - well all that is a thing of the past and it is speedy speedy from now on, hooray. 

Planning the inaugural opening already!.....

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