Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Susan the Heifer and other news...

Once again time flies and i have been full of good intentions to write this and sooo busy.  I am thrilled to say that i have put the finishing touches to the second layer of lime plaster on the strawbale building.  No offence to all the wonderful people who have helped me build it, but i have got the professionals in to do the final coat.  If nothing else to appease the grant people and the insurance company that it is all done properly!  Now i can think about paint colours inside and out and decorating ready for the courses next year - much more fun.  Next step is to get the log burner in.

Anyway, big news is that Plum is pregnant too i think - she wasted no more than a few seconds after getting off the trailer to persuade Walter (see previous blog) to do his stuff, so he was happy to see her!

More good news: I have not only got a lovely red and white Shetland heifer (with the rather odd name (for a cow) of Meadow Susan - henceforth to be known as Susie) to keep Imogen my wise old lady cow company, but have sold Jack the red and white bull to the same chap.  This will mean that Jack has a few more wives to keep him company - up to now he has had a couple of steers and a middle aged, pregnant cow (a bit limiting for one so young and opinionated!).  Even better news is that Imogen and Susie will be able to go for "a sleepover" every year as he is only in Worcestershire.

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