Friday, 20 April 2012

A New Calf & New Courses

I was caught on the hop last weekend when Imogen produced her calf two weeks earlier than expected, but Mumbleys Bryony is just beautiful and loving being the centre of attention of both her mum and Susie the heifer, who can't quite work out where she came from and why she keeps checking her udders!

A gorgeous little Shetland calf, Bryony is even rarer still because she is a red & white Shetland.  The gene is recessive and quite a lot of inbreeding has been done in the past, so we were careful to find an excellent bull genetically and are thrilled with the result.  Sadly, we can't keep her unless we find another bull, but she will stay with us until she is old enough to leave Imogen.

For those of you still thinking about beekeeping, we have added two more courses to meet the huge demand, 14th July and 24th August, but the former already has two bookings, so dont leave it too long.

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